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Stuff for AdPrac baby thesis. Book Illustration, I think.

Mirrored from the Y!groups. Thanks to Nigel for uploading.

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guys, according to nikkorrr, yung tuition natin ay ito..

full: P44,045
half: P22,400

pero syempre di tayo sigurado if my dagdag pa yan or something kasi minsan may mga surprise dagdag sila so kung check kayo, wag nyo muna isulat until andun na kayo at magbabayad para sure at kung cash naman bring extra for emergency. :)

love love one love, nicurrr. :)

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outing is moved to october28-29. :)

yung mga pwede dumiretcho nalang dun. okay lang. :)

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CLEARANCE: October 21, 2008 (TUESDAY)

On-line viewing of 1st semester grades: October 22, 2008, WEDNESDAY!!!

CFAD enrollment for 2nd Semester, S.Y. 2008-2009


Oct. 24, 2008 (Friday) 12-2pm 1st year
2-4pm 4th year

Oct. 25, 2008 (Saturday) 12-2pm 2nd year
2-4pm 3rd year


Oct 27, 2008 (Monday) 1st year & 4th year

Oct 28, 2008 (Tuesday) 2nd year & 3rd year

TIME: 9:00-11:30am and 1:00-4:30pm


Advertising - F304 & 305
Interior Design - F403
Industrial Design - F402
Painting - F401


Oct. 29, 2008 (Wednesday) 2-4pm 1st & 4th year

Oct 30, 2008 (Thursday) 2-4pm 2nd &3rd year


CLASSES BEGIN: Monday, November 3, 2008!

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outing 08.


sembreak outing details:

when: oct 25-26
where:La Casalinda (Keith) Resort, Cainta, Rizal.


sana lahat pumunta. mali, DAPAT LAHAT PUMUNTA!

mangulit na kayo sa mga magulang nyo hanggang oct 20. kasi icconfirm ko na by 21 (clearance day) SANA. kukulitin ko din kayo bago mag oct 21. WALANG BACK OUT BACK OUT! SASAPAKIN KO ANG MAGBABACK OUT. WALA DING HINDI SASAMA. BABARILIN ANG HINDI SASAMA!

(special request ni kit ay si james pasites. sumama ka daw kasi taga jan ka lang naman)

yun lang.

love you dears.

for questions ask keith, nica, macci or bombee.

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crammer time.

AdPrac files and shiz, rofl. For the crammers. Much thanks to Mel and Jin for the notes.

Also, reference photos for LP, if you haven't yet. All shots are 3/4 left, though. Apologies to people doing Kuya's right side.

good luck to everyone. o:

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goodluck adtu!

i think we all need this.


go go go!! AJA!


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punyeta si sir!

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Art App

Kinda late, I know, but I figure some of you are crammers. Here are the Art App ppt. files c/o Jin and Melissa from the yahoogroup. GO STUDY.

Instructions for rapidshare D/ls a couple of posts back.

Thanks to Melissa and Jin for uploading the files in the first place.

AdverTu Files section. Need to be logged in to Yahoo! and a member to go here.

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OMG!!! OMG!!!!!

i finally remembered the pw and email. YEY!! :))


i promise to be active again. LOL! (thanks khan for taking over.)

be posting stuff soon. :)


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No Ad Design tom.

Breaking news.

No Ad Design3 tomorrow, august 13 2008. More time to work on those bloody pizza boxes, or get more sleep. Cheers.


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For those who aren't members of the Y!Group(you should be, though) or have trouble d/ling the files, I've mirrored them here. Good luck.


-click link
-click 'free user'
-click 'download'

And there you go. If there's any trouble d/ling it, IM me as 'ponkhan' on Y!M/AIM, or email me at


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Adtu retreat.

So, AdDos will be on their retreat this Monday-Tuesday.

Ingat kayo. Ako, dito lang ako, gagawa pa ako ng plates.




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Photo Prelims c/o Macci

PRO Duties.

Ambassador of Goodwill mode:

Photography Prelim Requirement:

1. Human Subject
*Against the light
*Without flash (Silhouette)

2. Human Subject with Flash
(Meter the background)
(Fill-in flash) (Smaller aperture)

3. Low key (light) *Any subject

4. High key

5. Landscape/ Cityscape/ Seascape
*15 mins Before or after sunset or sunrise.

6. Candle light/ light by fire/ similar small light source
(without flush) ((DUH!))

7. Any night scene shot (without flash)

8. Subject lighted with flash light / led light

9. Light sculpture

10. Structure painted with flash
(Evening Shot) ((Bulb setting?))

11. Double exposure
*Bulb setting

12. Shoot sunbj using rear function of flash ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS))
(Rim lighted subject) ((WHATEVER FUCK THAT MEANS PART 2))

Print the photos, 4R. Submit on 2nd week of September.

taken from Macci.

posted on the off-chance people even still look here.

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I finally rememembered ung password nung blog na to. haha.

Ok... since I'm bored.. I'm updating.


hmmmm, fine, i'll think about it.

anyway... 2 months from now, magiging na ung web address ntn, guys. oki? mwah.


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Ad3-2 default schedule.

9-12 adprac4
1-4 sociology
5-9 life painting

7-12 photography

11-4 ad design3
5-9 product design

4-6 APP Art Appreciation
6-9 APR Ad Production

7-10 philosophy

Taken from Macci.

And when are we going to change the layout and URL?

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CFAD Enrollment 3rd Year Advertising Arts

May 29 2008
2-4p pm

Down Payment: Php 22,200.00
Total Fees w/ Installmenr Fees: Php 43,745.00
Total Fees: Php 43,145

Be in proper uniform
Bring ID and Clearance.

from Macci.

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dahil tamad pa rin magupdate si Nica gising ako ng 1 ng umaga, at wala ako magawa.

April 2 ang clearance. Cheers.


clearance is 0900 to 1200h. That's 9am to 12am to people who don't get it. As for uniforms or no, still not clear.

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Yay, kids. Malapit na uli summer break. Just make sure all your requirements are complete before starting to catch up on sleep. :D

d( '_' )

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CFAD week. parade.


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adtugether at laguna.

more pics at our multiplys.


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welcome back myself.

hahaha! sorry guys for not posting eversince...umm...wag na nating alamin kung kelan. anyways, ill try to update this once in a while. HOY! KAYONG LAHAT IUPDATE NYO DIN TOH! hindi lang ako ung dapat magupdate nito noh.

anyways...sino dito yung hindi sasama sa vigan????? sabihin nyo agad sakin para alam ko kung cno ung mga pipilitin ko!!! ;']

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Since I'm online,

...and the other mods don't seem to bother posting anymore;

Happy new year, guys!

Be safe!


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adtu: outing.

guys ung reply slips nyo sa outing give it on tues okay? 7am sharp at UST.
no reply slip. no go.
sana payagan tayong lahat! including me.LOL!
love nica.


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