mga himala ng adver2-2

class picture taking.

WHAT: adtu class pic taking.
WHEN: on tuesday, sept 18, 2007, 1pm.
WHERE: sa lover's lane.

magpaganda na kayo. magpagwapo. magdala kayo ng mga digicam nyo dahil baka indianin nanaman tayo sa classpics like last year.


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macci's debut.


macci's girls.


group pic.

rain rain.


wiggle pic.

macci's boys.

the roses.

the concert.

the crowd fave.

cake cutting.

the controversial poppers.

for more pics. check on jin's, tanie's, con's, teta's and nica's multiply.


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fashion show pics.

tin's make up by macci.

group pics with the girls.


on the runway.

at the stage.


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to the guy who owns the marshmallow nose.
happy 18th bday!
love adver22.
sept 15, 2007

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Quiz next meeting, coverage: marketing research &marketing environment; segmentation, targeting andpositioning
Assignment Submission: September 11, 20071. What are the stages involved in consumer decisionmaking process? Explain.2. What are the different levels/categories of needsaccording to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.3. Find a print advertisements related to each of the5 different levels of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy(total of 5 ads). Glue the ads to a sheet of paper,identify and describe specifically the need (based onMaslow’s) intended to be activated by the ads.
Study hard and goodluck!!!
Erly B. Estrella


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to the girl who doesnt want to be impeached ever!
HAPPY 18th BDAY macci!!
love adver22.
sept.1, 2007

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