mga himala ng adver2-2

Ad3-2 default schedule.

9-12 adprac4
1-4 sociology
5-9 life painting

7-12 photography

11-4 ad design3
5-9 product design

4-6 APP Art Appreciation
6-9 APR Ad Production

7-10 philosophy

Taken from Macci.

And when are we going to change the layout and URL?

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CFAD Enrollment 3rd Year Advertising Arts

May 29 2008
2-4p pm

Down Payment: Php 22,200.00
Total Fees w/ Installmenr Fees: Php 43,745.00
Total Fees: Php 43,145

Be in proper uniform
Bring ID and Clearance.

from Macci.

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everything in this site are properties of advertising arts year 2 section 2 and some other sources. nothing is copyrighted but html steal is gravely frown upon. in other words, wag niyo nakawin "artworks" ko!